White Ranger

This guy was a bit of a challenge given all the white and gold I had to paint but damn am I happy with the results.

I did the same sculpt fixes as the green ranger; getting rid of the fish scale thigh, filling screw holes, shoulder holes and touching up the boots. I also removed his removable arm bands and sculpted permanent ones in their place. Then I went in and repainted him and Saba.

Since he’s mostly white I decided to airbrush him to save myself a headache in painting layer after layer with a brush. The shading and highlights turned out much better than I thought they would and so did the metallics.

I would’ve liked to have shot more photos but I was running out of time before Tora Con so I was only able to get an eight point turn and two close ups.

Still very happy with how he turned out. Besides, any action poses with him would have been identical to the green ranger.

  • Date August 13, 2016
  • Tags Action Figures, Power Ranger, White Ranger