Spider-Man Coin Bank

I seriously underestimated how long this was going to take but I’m glad he turned out well.

The bank originally had those web wings under the arms; I’ve never been a fan so I cut them off. I thought they were going to be solid chunks of plastic but they were actually hollow. As a result I had to very tediously and methodically patch the large gaping holes and then resculpt over them.

Afterwards he was completely repainted down to his webs, which I tried using paint washes to achieve but ultimately didn’t get the results I wanted. So after at least 5 hours of painting straight black into each web line crevice, he was finally done and the webs were finally visible.

I was thinking of doing another variant as the black and silver Armored Spider, but now I’m not so sure I want to. The painting would be undoubtedly easier but I don’t want to go through the sculpting process again.

  • Date August 13, 2016
  • Tags Coin Bank, Marvel, Spider-Man