Custom The Boondock Saints Mighty Muggs

I finally finished these two and it feels amazing to be done with them. I started this project 6 years ago from the time of posting this and due to life throwing me so many curve balls it took this long to get them complete.

These guys were both Mighty Muggs of Grand Moff Tarkin and through the power of cell shading and a lot of planning I give you Connor and Murphy McManus.

I wanted to include the most detail possible including the rosaries, the virgin Mary tattoos on their necks and their Latin words across their index fingers.

Trying to capture the likeness of actors Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus was a fun challenge and I hope I delivered.

Lastly I wanted to include their signature firearms; the silenced pistols which were made by modifying some Punisher Mighty Mugg rifles and adding sculpted silencers.

In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.

  • Date May 31, 2017
  • Tags Mighty Mugg, The Boondock Saints