Custom X-Force Deadpool Pop

I guess I can’t go too long without doing something Deadpool related can I?

I had been wanting to finish this guy for a while and here he is at last.

I know his red suit is easier to sell and recognize but I loved Uncanny X-Force and the Hot Topic exclusive was not anywhere near where I wanted it to be when I picked it up so I decided to do a repaint. I gave him a lighter shade of gray, painted his smg gun metal, and did all of his straps and pouches a dark grey with silver lining, buttons and buckles. I redid his X-Force buckle and gave his sword a blood stain like I did with the red ones I’ve made. Also like the red ones I redid the black sections of his suit the way they’re supposed to look as opposed to how they mass produced the figures.

And I’ve been playing around with the eyes of Pop figures a lot lately so I figured why fight it anymore? I tried to capture his playful/maniacal look with his red, thermal vision eyes.

  • Date May 30, 2017
  • Tags Deadpool, Pop!, X-Force