Heroclix Giganto

The original figure was a very vibrant, forest green with no tonal differences. I wanted this guy to look like he had just clawed his way out of an oil spill full of dust, debris and rubble.

The entire figure was repainted and for the first time I used new ‘technical’ paints from Citadel Colour to add gritty textures to the base and body.

Along with oil, dirt, mud, and corrosion, I attempted to replicate moss and algae in various places.

After his tongue was painted I added a layer of gloss coat to make it look wet, I also mixed gloss coat into watered down, black paint before splattering him to create wet looking oil droplets.

Finally, his eyes were airbrushed from yellow to white to create a glowing effect.

  • Date August 13, 2016
  • Tags Giganto, HeroClix, Marvel