Custom Shadowcat

I always wondered how it would be possible to show Shadowcat’s power to phase through solid objects and I finally had an idea.

So here we have Kitty Pryde: Mutant Mistress of Magnetism. And what I mean by that is that After cutting her up at various points of contact and articulation I installed a grand total of 18 magnets so now she can be displayed in a variety of ways to show her power in action.

I carved out her hips a bit more to increase their range of motion. The magnets also increase certain areas of her body’s range of motion. The hands are removable as is her pet dragon Lockheed.

I also added a point of articulation to her ponytail, which adds to the illusion of her falling through floors when it is pointed upwards.

And lastly I couldn’t just add a bunch of magnets and make a movable ponytail so she and Lockheed were both given a full repaint.

  • Date May 9, 2017
  • Tags Action Figures, Marvel, Shadowcat, X-Men