Custom Dr. Doom

I was going to enter this in a contest that had the artists take a character and give them the power of the phoenix force. Unfortunately nobody else entered and I didn’t want to win by default.

I decided to finish the piece anyway and I hope it turned out okay.

The majority of the figure is a Captain America that was ground down to the foundation and completely resculpted.

The neck, back of the head and hands came from a Bleeding Edge Iron Man, with the front of the head/face from Klaw.

The tunic came from Jon Snow with the center cloth from Odin.

The hood was from Green Arrow and the armor sections on the elbows and backs of the hands came from Brienne of Tarth.

The shoulder pads were taken from Lord Naga with the upper two layers sculpted from the ground up.

The cloak is canvass and has wire embedded into the edge to allow it to be posed in different ways.

Designing this look wasn’t as easy as I hoped but I think it turned out okay. I wanted to incorporate as many medieval armor components as I could while incorporating various textures and patterns that would be associated with birds.

I wanted the mask itself to resemble a phoenix and I specifically chose Klaw since his mouth was open and made the expression look like Doom was screaming as if drawing energy and power on a God-like level.

  • Date May 8, 2017
  • Tags Action Figures, Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four, Marvel