The Maxx

Marvel Universe scale Red Hulk was the base figure. Both middle fingers were dremeled out and The Maxx’s claw fingers were sculpted in their place. I know this sounds gross but the nipples were chopped and sanded off. After chopping off a large portion of T Hulk’s head, it was almost entirely resculpted including the eyes. The neck was extended and the articulation retained. The tattered shorts were completely dremeled off, along with the calves. I also hollowed out the hips to increase the range of motion for him to bend his legs and crouch down. The crotch, thighs, calves, boots, soles, leather straps and metal scraps were all sculpted as well.

Long story short, over half of this figure was completely resculpted, from the abs down was all my work.

  • Date August 15, 2016
  • Tags Action Figures, The Maxx