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Taskmaster Action Figure

Taskmaster Action Figure

For this Taskmaster Action Figure, I used the body of Boomerang, the shoulders of Baron Zemo, and the head (skull) of Ghost Rider.

His cape came from Thor, and the hood from Green Arrow. Green Arrow also provided the bow and quiver. The sword was sculpted from scratch and the sheathe came from Jon Snow. The gun and holster came from Deadpool, which seemed appropriate for this character.

The only things that came from the original Marvel Legends Taskmaster Action Figure was the belt, billy club and shield.

Every other costume detail was sculpted with the exception of the two belt loops on his hips which were the strap of Green Arrow’s quiver. Now they are used to hold his billy club and sheathe.

In addition to the sword and pistol being removable from their sheathe and holster respectively, the bow can be stored over the quiver through the partition between the cape and hood. This allows him to be armed to the teeth without having to resort to plucking his weapons out of ninja space like most superheroes.

The only two things that he can’t keep on him at all times without being posed with them are the zip line for his billy club (made from a black, copper wire) and his arrow (sculpted from scratch)

The bow also has an elastic cord that allows him to be posed drawing back his arrow.

One last thing I’d like to point out is that a lot of the parts that I used to make him aren’t even the originals. The following pieces were molded and resin casted to make this majestic stallion:

-his head (skull)
-the hood
-the chain clasps on his cloak (molded from al old Spawn figure)
-the billy club
-the sword
-the sheathe (the original was cut in half, both halves were molded, then cast, then glued together and work like a charm!)
-the shield
-the quiver
-the bow
-the arrow

I’m hoping to try my hand at remaking this guy in the not-too-distant future.

  • Date August 20, 2016
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