Mighty Mugg Nappa and Vegeta

Ever since I made my first two mighty muggs I couldn’t get the thought of these two out of my mind. The only problem was keeping them in scale with each other and not knowing how to do it.

All that changed when Hasbro started carrying Mini Muggs.

Nappa was a G.I. Joe Duke Mighty Mugg (any character would have worked) and Vegeta was a Nick Fury Mini Mugg.

Fury was holding two pistols that were molded onto the hands, so they were chopped off. After that, it was a LOT of sculpting for both characters.

Both had their armor sculpted out of Aves products and their tails over their waists like they had on the show.

Nappa’s bracers and boots were also sculpted, as were Vegeta’s glove cuffs and boots, along with his hair. Speaking of his hair, it was an intimidating labor that had me blending Aves Apoxie sculpt with Green Stuff.

After that they were both completely repainted taking about 20 hours each.

Since sculpting and painting the armor, bells and whistles on both of these guys was exceptionally difficult, due to their disproportioned bodies and very limmited articulation, I don’t plan on making any more characters in Frieza trooper armor.

That being said, more DBZ characters could turn up one day, but they’re going to be the cloth wrapped variety.

  • Date August 13, 2016
  • Tags Dragon Ball Z, Mighty Mugg, Nappa, Vegeta